Therms and Conditions of use:
By using this service you acknowledge and agree the following therms of conditions and the privacy policy. If you choose to not agree with any of those therms, you may not use the service

The therms of service apply to all users.
The user accept, limited to the applicable laws, that the unique remedy to any kind of problem with the application's policy is to uninstall it and stop using the service.

The application's data and the calculates results are strictly indicative, and doesn't have any legal validity.
I am not responsible for consistency of the data nor for the incompatibility (with your or others job) of the methods that use the data to calculate the results.

I don't assume any responsibility for the reasons that include firing from the job, quarrels, direct, indirect or special damages, data lose.
I am not responsible for the incompatibility of the third-party applications or services that the are used by the user to interact with the data exported by Working Hours 4b.


The only one that can take accords related with the application is the owner, no-one else can take accords.

No-one can concede licenses or sub-licenses to himself or any other entity (company or person).




The applications can be distributed only on Google Play Store or App Store.

Google Play Store:

The purchases will be connected on the Google account that are bought from.

App Store:

The purchases will be connected on the Apple account that are bought from.

The purchases will not be connected to the Email accounts.


Ads purchase:
The only reason that a in-app purchase of the ad-remove is refunded, is when you continue to see the advertisements even after you bought the remover.


Privacy policy:

Your data is stored on a remote storage  ( Cloud ). Your privacy is priceless, so NO data relative to your insertions, statistics or user information will be sold to NO third party company.


Application Permises:

- Read / Write on storage: Used to make the backup, export and share the data

- Internet: Used for Ads

- Launch at boot: Used to reset the notifications at boot

- Access the network state : Used to check if the internet connection is available

- Camera: Used to read the QRCode from interval sharing.

The informations provided into the message ( included all types of attachments ) sent with the email, will not be shared with no third part company, and will be used only to resolve the problem.

Obligation free:
The user is not obligated to share or show his private data collected by himself, entirely or partially, with any kind of entity, public or private.



Do not give/share your credentials ( user & password ) with no-one, nether if asked by email or by any other communication channel. Them will never be required by the application’s staff to resolve any of your problems.


All the conditions may be subject to changed.

Terms of Service and Privacy